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This Kerala Tea Seller Is Winning Hearts For His Unusual Technique Of Making Chai

Chai is synonymous with so many emotions for Indians that nothing can replace their love for chai in their lives. While there can be various types of teas varying from classic masala chai to refreshing Bombay cutting chai, there are numerous ways of making tea as well. In India, there are 29 states and in every state, people have different styles to enjoy their morning cup of chai.

Interestingly, we are blessed with innumerable chai-wallahs in this diverse country who fulfill our obsession with tea with their unusual styles of making it. One such tea-seller is in Kerala who has a very unique technique of making tea for his customers and we are falling in love with it.

A social media user took it to her Twitter account to share a video of a chai-wallah who is impressing his customers with his unusual technique of making tea. The video is shared by the user from ‘The Chapati Factory’ in Ponnani, Kerala.

In the video, the man is seen with four glasses of chai. But the twist in the story is the different layers of his tea which are evidently visible in the video. Apparently, made into three distinct layers using tea, cream, and broth, the tea concoction is served in the most unexpected way possible.

As the video continues, the man picks up the hot glass of tea one by one and swirls the glasses around so quickly that before, you could decide what happened, the tea is served on the table.

Source - Topyaps

Author - Monica Aggarwal

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